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Slip and Fall Lawsuit: Falls accidents are among the leading reasons for medical emergency visits across the U.S. Each year, more than one million patients are treated at the E.R. for slip injury, trip, or fall.

Falls and slips can result in serious injuries; unfortunately, many didn’t even have to occur. Are you suffering from injuries, medical bills, and wages loss due to an accident involving a slip and fall? There’s no need to be alone.

We are taking on lawsuits for patients who were injured in a recent car accident.

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Common causes of slip and fall-related accidents


The risky conditions that are present throughout the city are often a source of serious injuries – pedestrian walkways, elevators and staircases, escalators as well as subways, walkways, office buildings, construction sites, supermarkets, and retail outlets, as well as apartment complexes are frequently a risk that which people aren’t warned of.

The most common causes of slip-and-fall accident that occur in the USA includes:

  • Mats and rugs that are not secured
  • Uneven floors
  • Slippery floors
  • Stair treads that are broken or uneven and staircases
  • Railings that are broken or missing
  • The accumulation of snow and ice
  • Wires and cables that are loose
  • The clutter and trash
  • Broken sidewalks or damaged pavement

Furthermore, cracks, snow, ice, massive construction holes, and other defects often are found all over the USA without proper warning indications.

These dangers can lead to catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries.

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How The Justice Now can help you in Slip and Fall Accident Claim?

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Don’t be deceived by anyone who claims that slip-and-fall accidents aren’t dangerous. A fall-related accident is very serious and could cause serious injury and disability for those who suffer. The team at The Justice Now, our team is here to assist in the event that you require a slip-and-fall lawyer on your side. We have the resources to handle complex premises liability claims like this. Our personal injury attorneys want to ensure that you get the maximum compensation you have the right to, if the negligent of a property owner action caused your slip and fall injury.


Here's Why You Should Contact the Justice Now for Help With Your Slip and Fall Case?

  • We have a wealth of experience with injury claims and claims, and we have a profound knowledge of the difficulties that individuals face when the trauma of a fall or slip alters their lives.
  • We at The Justice Now are based on the belief that each client is equally important. This is why we adopt a customer-centric approach to each case we decide to take.
  • We manage The Justice Now slip-and-fall case on a contingency-fee-basis. Our clients only need to pay legal costs once we get the required compensation.

A competent The Justice Now premises liability lawyer will use their resources to collect all the evidence required to establish liability and hazardous conditions, such as:

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Video surveillance could be a possibility of the incident
  • Security records of the property owner
  • Records of employee training

In addition to gathering the evidence required to prove what occurred and what happened, the personal injury lawyer firm also makes sure that its clients are examined by respected medical experts and economists who can estimate the number of losses expected.

Do You Have A Case?

If you suffer injuries during a slip-and-fall accident, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have legal grounds to bring any claim for injuries. In Connecticut, a civil suit can only be filed when there is evidence that the injury suffered by the victim could have been prevented if the defendant acted with a reasonable degree of care. In the case of premises liability, typically, this means proving that the proprietor or manager of the property that failed to meet the requirements of their responsibility to ensure a safe environment.

If, for instance, you fell on the floor due to a spill in an upscale grocery store, then you or your lawyer has to establish that the proprietor of the property (or the employee) had reasonable cause to have been aware of the spill, but did not take action to remedy the issue promptly. If someone else in the same circumstance had seen the spill and cleaned it off before the incident, it could be sufficient to make the defendant accountable for the slip and fall that caused you to fall.

Contact our Justice Now Slip and Fall Lawyer today.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with complex injury cases and know how to secure the compensation you require. This could include paying medical expenses and lost wages, the cost of pain and suffering, and much more. If you or someone else in your family has been injured or hurt by the slip and fall incident due to the mistake of a property owner in the USA, contact us with a The Justice Now slip and fall lawyer for legal guidance and a free case assessment now. Contact the firm via email or phone at (888) 885-2771.


A1. Accidents involving slips and falls can cause minor injuries. However, some can be very dangerous.

Suppose a fall or slip happens on private or public property. In that case, you must adhere to these steps to receive medical attention for your injuries, record the incident, and safeguard the legal right to compensation.

  • Step 1: Seek medical help ASAP. Anyone who has a fall must seek medical attention immediately. Ailments are usually more serious than they first appear. The earlier a doctor assesses the injuries they can identify, the faster the potential injuries are identified and evaluated. Then, they can be observed. Any immediate and non-immediate signs must be recorded if the need for a claim is filed.
  • Step 2: Report the incident immediately. The business or individual who is the owner or manager of the property must be notified. In most instances, an official Accident report will be required. It is important to file it; a copy is required to keep it for personal records. If you leave the premises for medical treatment, call back later to get an original report to keep your documents.
  • Step 3: Always be mindful when you speak. If an accident does occur, Be very careful regarding what you say. Avoid being angry, emotional, admitting responsibility for your fall, or blaming someone. It is important not to get involved in any dispute because the words you use can serve as a way to shift blame for a liability claim from the responsibility on the part of the victim. Stay true to the facts of what transpired.
  • Step 4: Take photos. Suppose you can take precise and time-stamped photographs of the location of the fall and any other conditions that contributed to the accident (i.e., slippery sidewalks, wet surfaces, or 8damaged flooring).
  • Step 5: Identify any potential witnesses. Check if any witnesses witnessed the incident and, if they did, get the names of their witnesses, address, and contact numbers. If an individual or company makes a mistake about what transpired at the accident scene, others can verify the truth of what happened.
  • Step 6: Remove clothing and footwear that were worn that day incident. Defense lawyers often attempt to shift blame for events onto the victim. Clothing and footwear can provide effective evidence of the incompetence of the property, the owner, or management.
  • Step 7: Contact the Justice Now slip and fall attorney. After receiving medical treatment, contact an NYC slip and fall lawyer immediately if you can. They can ensure the legality of your case before evidence goes missing, act as an intermediary to ensure that defendants do not attempt to transfer blame on the victim and protect victims from insurers who seek to limit their rights to compensation.

According to law, those injured could be entitled to claim negligence against the person or company who owns or manages the property. Following the steps above can help the person injured to be able to present a larger case.

A2. Accidents involving slips and falls are commonplace in the workplace and are among the main causes of missed work time. The statistics from the federal government indicate that 22% of slip and fall cases lead to more than 31 days of absence from work.

The most common causes of workplace falls are unsafe conditions, such as wet flooring, uneven surfaces, flooring that is in poor condition as well as clutter and debris, insufficient lighting, damaged equipment, or falls from ladders. Business owners are required to provide safe and secure workplaces for their employees.

A3. Work-related injuries caused by falls are usually eligible to be covered under Workers’ Compensation claims. According to statistics, 85 percent of claims filed by workers’ compensation are due to slips and falls that occur on slippery floors.

By NYS, No-Fault Insurance rules prohibit employees from suing their employer unless they believe the employer intentionally caused the problem. Additionally, employees can seek Workers’ Compensation.

But, it’s common for third parties to be responsible for the negligent act. It’s crucial to consult an attorney for personal injuries to determine if workers are entitled to compensation or if an injury lawsuit based on a slip and fall case should be filed.

A4. Maybe. If you’ve been injured during a slip-and-fall accident on a property owned by someone else because of their negligence, you could be able to file a claim. It could be a matter of not cleaning up spills, fixing the dangerous situation, or not advising people of the danger.

To determine if you’re in an actionable case, consult an experienced attorney for slips and falls. They can evaluate the details of the case and recommend you on the legal options available to you. Contact us now for a no-cost evaluation to determine if you’re in a New York slip-and-fall case.

As per the National Safety Council, falls are among the three most frequent avoidable injuries. They also rank among the most dangerous ten kinds of incidents that fit in both fatal and nonfatal categories.

Accidents that could be prevented are often due to negligence.

To win a negligence claim, the slip-and-fall injury victim must demonstrate the following:

  • The defendant was unable to meet the basic obligation to take care of the property to ensure it was safe.
  • Inattention on the part of the defendant led to the accident taking place.
  • The fall caused injuries, and the injury also caused losses.

Before making a claim for personal injuries examine the circumstances at that time before the accident. If it is evident that these three elements are proven, this can be a solid basis for the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.

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