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Bard Powerport Lawsuit, Product Liability Lawyers at your service – Do you or someone close to you have complications related to a Bard Powerport  ? You’re not the only one who has experienced complications from a Bard Catheter. This device has caused thousands of people pain, financial stress, and suffering. Imagine the following scenario: You or a family member undergoes medical procedures to alleviate health issues.However, you later discover that the catheter, designed to ease your life, caused more harm than benefit. Many people face this devastating reality.

We are taking on lawsuits for patients who were injured by a Bard Powerport Catheter.

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What is the Bard Powerport Catheter Lawsuit?

Bard Powerport Catheter Lawsuit

Bard PowerPort catheter devices are used in long-term intravenous treatments like chemotherapy. These catheters can be implanted beneath the skin, connected to the main blood vessels, and used for fluids or medication.

PowerPort, according to the manufacturer, can be used for delivering medication or drawing blood more quickly and conveniently than any other method. There are reports that Bard’s device has caused severe injuries to some individuals. They claim that the manufacturer was responsible for disclosing any potential risks related to their design.

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Potential complications and injuries with Bard PowerPort lawsuit

Patients who received Bard PowerPort caths have reported injuries and complications, leading to lawsuits. These complications include:
  • Infections: Severe infections such as sepsis have occurred after the Bard PowerPort implant. These infections are potentially life-threatening, and immediate medical attention is required.
  • Device Malfunction: Bard PowerPort may malfunction or dislodge, causing discomfort and pain. Surgical intervention is required to correct the problem.


  • Blood Clots: Patients may develop blood clots around the PowerPort, leading to serious health problems like pulmonary embolism.
  • Migration: Bard PowerPort Catheters can migrate from the original placement site, damaging nearby blood vessels and organs. Note that these aren’t the only complications with Bard PowerPorts. If a patient experiences any strange symptoms or problems after the Bard PowerPort catheter has been implanted, they should immediately seek medical attention. Numerous lawsuits were filed against Bard PowerPort due to injuries and complications associated with the catheters. In these lawsuits, Becton, Dickinson, and Company are accused of failing to design, manufacture, and warn against the risks associated with its PowerPort devices. These lawsuits are patients seeking compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, and other damages.

What to Do If You Have A Port Catheter Injury

You should consult your doctor immediately if you suspect that you might have an injury. You should immediately act if you experience increased pain, heat, redness, or swelling around the port.

You should contact The Justice Now for a consultation after seeking medical care. We will determine if a negligent device manufacturer caused your injuries and if you are eligible for a port cath lawsuit.

Who is responsible to pay compensation for Bard Powerport Catheter Lawsuit

Bard Access is most likely liable if a Bard PowerPort, Bard SlimPort, or other Bard Access device has injured you or someone close to you. Bard port devices are less durable than they should be. This increases the risk of injury for consumers. Injury is often avoidable by adding additional coatings that reinforce the catheter.

Bard knows the complications and blames the medical professionals who implanted the device incorrectly. The number of consumers who have come forward indicates this is not the case. Bard must be held responsible for not taking the proper steps to test and reinforce their products. More product liability suits will pressure Bard to improve its practices and ensure people’s safety.

We will evaluate your case in this free consultation session to determine if you have a case for product liability against a manufacturer of medical devices.

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What damages a catheter injury lawyer could help me claim?

Expect the compensation for economic and non-economic damages when you file a lawsuit over a port cath injury. Economic losses include tangible costs such as medical bills, and wages lost. Non-economic damages are intended to compensate injured victims for their physical and emotional pain.

To be compensated properly, you will need an experienced port catheter injury attorney who will spend the time necessary to understand your case fully and to fight for what you are entitled to.

  • Pain and Suffering: Legally, pain and suffering damages compensate for mental distress, physical discomfort, and life-changing changes. You should receive compensation if it becomes impossible for you to participate in the hobbies and activities that you used to enjoy. We take the time to fully understand your experience to ensure you receive the compensation that is due to you.
  • Medical Treatment: Financial stress is often caused by medical treatment. If you are successful in your claim, you will receive compensation for all your medical costs and related expenses, including transport to and from appointments, physiotherapy, and medication. We will use expert testimony at The Justice Now to estimate your future medical costs. This information will ensure that not only past medical bills are covered but also future costs.
  • Lost Wages: Your settlement should include all lost wages, and you should also receive compensation for any lost earning potential if you cannot return to your previous job.
  • Punitive Damages: Some personal injury cases are settled outside of court. If a case goes to trial, the judge can award punitive damage. Only in cases of gross negligence, recklessness, or intentionality can punitive damages be awarded. The judge can use them to punish the perpetrator or to discourage others from engaging in similar behaviour.
  • Wrongful Death: You may be entitled to compensation if you lost a family member due to a Bard PowerPort product. The family of someone who has died due to a company’s negligence can file a wrongful death suit. This lawsuit includes compensation for pain, suffering, funeral costs, and lost income.
Bard Powerport Catheter Lawsuit


Consult an attorney with experience in medical device litigation before filing a Bard PowerPort suit. A lawyer with experience in this field will be able to evaluate your case and assess the strength of the claim. They can also guide you through the entire legal process. Contact us to receive a no-obligation, free legal consultation. Our representatives are available to discuss your case with you 24/7.

  1. Case Evaluation: Our team will evaluate your case thoroughly to determine if there is a claim that you can make against Bard or other parties. This will have a review of your medical records and any other relevant documentation and an assessment of potential damages.
  2. Gathering Evidence: Collecting all evidence relevant to your injury and the Bard PowerPort is important. You may need to gather medical records, test reports, or documentation of adverse reactions and complications. Your attorney will help you obtain this evidence and ensure it is properly organized for your case.
  3. Legal Representation and Support: Having an attorney with experience in medical devices litigation on your side is essential throughout the entire Bard PowerPort litigation process. You will have a lawyer who is your advocate. They can help you to go through the legal system seamlessly and protect your rights.

We believe that every patient must get Bard PowerPort product liability lawsuit claims without the financial burden. The Justice Now offers a free consultation to help patients understand their legal options and find the best lawyers to represent their cases. This initial consultation provided by our experts helps them determine the best course of action that can be taken. This service is provided with no obligation and is a vital first step in the pursuit of justice.

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A1. Port catheters are available in a wide range of types for different purposes. Two main parts distinguish these devices:

  1. A catheter is usually a thin, flexible tube made from silicone.
  2. Ports are small medical devices usually placed under the skin and connected to the catheter.

Port catheters are designed to take blood and administer medicine without using needles. The port can be inserted under the skin on the chest, but it can also go in the arm. The catheter is then inserted into the veins above the heart or neck.

Central venous catheter insertion is a relatively simple procedure performed by medical professionals. Local anesthesia is usually administered to the patient while the device has been fitted. The catheter can then be left in position for several weeks, months, or years.

A2. Different names know port catheters depending on their type. Port catheters are also known as:

  • Port-a-cath.
  • The device is completely implantable.
  • Port catheter.
  • Subcutaneous central venous catheters.
  • Central venous access devices.
  • Subcutaneous central venous ports.
  • Implantable Venous Access System
  • Central venous port systems.
  • Rapid central vein access.
  • Venous port system.
  • Central vein system
  • Implantable venous Access Ports

A3. Cancer patients, hematology, and ontology or (chemotherapy/cancer, Crohn’s disease, Sickle Cell, rheumatoid arthritis medication, blood transfusions, parenteral nutrition, short bowel syndrome) are the most common users of port catheters.
Reperfusion catheters are single-use devices that remove blood clots in patients with acute ischemic stroke.
Catheter devices is used for hemodialysis patients, but they are no longer used because of the infection risk.

A4. Statistics on complications from central venous cath are shocking. Around one-third of patients experience some complication. The most common is infection. The majority of these complications are easy to treat. When a defective product is the cause of the injury, the results are usually more severe.
Defective medical devices can degrade and cause fractures and breaks, which may lead to infections, sepsis, organ damage, blood clots, and strokes.

A5. Catheter Migration is when the catheter separates from the port. A defective product can cause this. The catheter can cause damage to the body when it breaks free from the port. Often, it requires surgery to remove the catheter, but as long as it is still intact, this procedure should be simple. Catheter migration can be serious, particularly if the user is elderly or vulnerable.

A6. Catheter rupture occurs when the catheter loses its durability and breaks into small fragments. This can cause harm to the heart, blood vessels, and other organs.
Catheter breaks can cause serious injuries and, in some cases, even death. A catheter fragment can lead to pulmonary embolisms, blockages of the arteries, and damage to the heart and lungs.
A defective device is the most common cause of catheter fracture. Medical devices must withstand known pressures and be safe when used for their intended purposes. Contact a catheter injury lawyer if you have fractured a medical device as soon as possible.

A7. The most common complication is an infection of the intravascular catheter. Infections are first identified by swelling and redness around the port. A fever, breathlessness, and dizziness may also accompany them.
Infections can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, however, it’s due to a defective catheter with small fractures, allowing bacteria to grow. These are usually more serious cases and cannot be treated easily with antibiotics. The device may have to be removed.
Port catheter infections can vary in severity. However, for those who are vulnerable, they can be very serious. Sepsis or even death can result from the worst infections. You may be compensated if you lost a loved one because of a defective catheter.

A8. A catheter can cause an irritated vein wall, which in turn causes small blood clots. The blot clots from port catheters can be treated with medication, but the device may need to be removed in more severe cases.
Blood clots may travel from the veins to other parts of your body, where they can become dangerous. Blood clots are serious when they cause heart attacks, strokes, deep vein thrombosis, arterial thrombosis, or deep venous (a clot that forms in the leg, arm, pelvis, or deep veins of the pelvis).
A defective medical device can cause blood clots if damaged and degraded. You can consult a lawyer for free if you’re unsure. They will be able to determine if you have a claim.

 A9. When a blood clot lodged in an artery of the lung a pulmonary embolism occurs, blocking blood flow. This can cause permanent injury, damage to other organs, and even death.
A pulmonary embolism can cause pneumothorax and hemothorax. Pneumothorax occurs most often with subclavian catheterization. This may be caused by a physician’s error or a defective product.
Catheter migration or fracture is often the cause of pulmonary embolism. A defective product can cause both.

A10. The treatment can be made difficult if a catheter becomes blocked. The blockage is usually easily cleared. However, the catheter may need to be removed in more complex cases.
A blocked catheter could result from many factors, including a defective device that has caused a blood clot.

A11. The removal of a catheter is usually an easy procedure. You can find some swelling and bruising around the area of the port removal. However, these symptoms should subside within 3-5 days.
If you are a victim of a faulty medical device, you could experience additional complications. You should consult a doctor immediately if your symptoms don’t improve, if you notice any bleeding or drainage around your incision, or if fever or chills begin. The sooner you seek medical attention if you have any complications following the removal of the port catheter, the better.

A12. Bard, a major medical device manufacturer, voluntarily recalled two of its catheters in March 2021. These were the Bard PowerPort as well as the Bard MRI Implantable port. The Bard MRI Implantable Port was designed for consumers who prefer a smaller, more comfortable model.

Despite being advertised to be able to withstand high injection pressures, the Bard port catheter has received many complaints about catheter failure. Numerous reports have indicated that the catheter can degrade in the vein, causing fractures, infections, migration, and other complications.

The following injuries have been reported in connection with Bard PowerPort or Bard SlimPort devices:

  • Blood Infections
  • Sepsis.
  • Hematomas.
  • Lacerations of blood vessels
  • Pulmonary embolism.
  • Cardiac Punctures
  • Blood Clots
  • Cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Death.

Likely, a defective Bard PowerPort, Bard MRI Implantable Port, or other Bard product caused you or someone close to you harm. You should consult a lawyer to start the compensation process as soon as possible.

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