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The Disturbing History of Roundup’s Rise and Fall


Disturbing History of Roundup: After decades of making money through Roundup as the most commonly used Herbicide, Monsanto faces an investigation into its shady business policies. Through the Roundup lawsuits that are going to trial, we have learned about the illegal methods Monsanto executives employed to put Roundup everywhere – in homes or lawns and on farms.

A 2015 report by an international organization has declared the chemical to make Roundup a “human carcinogen”, meaning it could cause cancers such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or leukaemia.

Instead of taking steps to safeguard public health and increase the security of its products, Monsanto was in the direction of rogue. It targeted activists, scientists, journalists and even the musician Neil Young. Monsanto devised a sophisticated strategy to denigrate journalists looking into Roundup’s link to cancer. They investigated research organizations and even paid scientists to cover up the risks of Roundup.

In August of 2018, the first lawsuit against Monsanto was brought by a man suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma following exposure to Roundup. The jury awarded him $289 million (later cut to $78m).

Two other juries handed huge verdicts to plaintiffs over the last year, and over 18,400 other Roundup suits have already been brought. One of the best outcomes of the lawsuits is that Monsanto’s been forced to divulge internal documents and emails related to advertising, marketing and decision-making for Roundup, the weed killer.

According to court documents, here are a few examples of actions Monsanto did to influence the public and scientific consensus:

  • It aims to limit Google results to cover up negative press and alter the public debate to its advantage. This kind of nefarious PR strategy is deceitful at best and is blatant propaganda at its worst. It is a sign that Monsanto will cross ethical boundaries to safeguard its bottom line without any thought of how its actions will affect the general public. Their conduct.
  • Operated a surveillance centre that spied on and discredited journalists and other activists who disapproved of Roundup. It was primarily focused on a reporter who wrote the book Whitewash The True Story of a Weedkiller, Cancer and the corruption of science and then ruffled the editors of her book. The book’s credibility was diminished. the publication’s coverage in the media and credibility.
  • monitored and wrote a piece on Neil Diamond, the singer, because of his anti-Monsanto activism
  • The company has been able to cut its financial ties with researchers and scientists, worrying this fact would confirm claims that it was concealing negative research. Monsanto has been accused of hiring academics to write positive reviews of its products, such as Roundup.

Here are four ways that Monsanto has altered information regarding Roundup and its corporate practices to mislead the public.

These documents demonstrate in stark black and white just how little Monsanto respects public safety and its rights. Monsanto is among the top-earning corporations around the globe, with sales of more than $14 billion worth of products in 2018. The products it sells are used by millions all over the world. Nearly all cotton, corn, and soy that are grown throughout the U.S. are treated by Roundup.

Monsanto has a legal and moral obligation to its customers to create safe products and informs them of any possible dangers. You are entitled to know if a chemical is harmful to your health. If those exposed to the product tend to contract a specific type of cancer, you have the right to be informed about it and to choose to use it.

Monsanto has been selling the world’s best-loved herbicide, earning billions and gaining enormous power. It’s about time those who use Monsanto’s products get back some of their power.

The firm represents hundreds of customers who’ve developed cancer due to Roundup use. A lot of them simply utilized it in their home gardens. We’ll travel to you, no matter where you live, to research your claim and assist you in making a claim.

Monsanto has indicated that it will be able to pay the thousands in Roundup lawsuits. You must submit a claim by the announcement date to be eligible for settlement. Contact us now or complete our online form to begin.

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