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IS THE ZANTAC LAWSUIT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? - Many plaintiffs claim that Zantac can cause cancer, and the instances are only increasing. Many believe the Zantac allegations are part of the class action lawsuit


Can Zantac cancer claims be considered a Part of a class action lawsuit?

February 2023 update: In response to the recent developments in the Zantac litigation, our company has ceased accepting Zantac claims. Keep an eye on this website regularly for the most up-to-date news and informational updates.

Many plaintiffs claim that Zantac can cause cancer, and the instances are only increasing. Many believe the Zantac allegations are part of the class action lawsuit, but this isn’t the situation. Zantac lawsuits aren’t part of a class action. They are part of a different type of mass tort suit known as multi-district litigation (MDL).

The distinctions between MDLs and class action lawsuits are often complex and complicated, but the basic principle is this:

In contrast to claims being considered equally in a class action, claims are treated differently in an MDL and are combined to help move the legal process forward faster.

We’ll provide some background information on two types of mass torts – lawsuits based on a class action or multidistrict lawsuits (MDL) -and the reason Zantac cases constitute an MDL, which is not a class action.

For more information about the latest developments in the Zantac MDL, please go to the Zantac MDL and update the litigation page.

What is a MASS TORT?

Mass torts are a form of a civil suit involving several plaintiffs versus one or more defendants. Class actions, as well as lawsuits of multidistrict lawsuits (MDL), are instances of mass torts.

The term “tort” refers to wrongdoing that results in injuries. The term “mass” can mean various things about mass tort lawsuits.

  1. There are a lot of Plaintiffs (like Zantac MDL, for instance). Zantac MDL mass torts typically comprise thousands or hundreds of plaintiffs)
  2. Attorneys use “mass media” (television, radio, social media, etc.) to spread awareness about the legal proceeding and to communicate with potential plaintiffs.

Three main features differentiate the mass torts of other forms of lawsuits for personal injuries or Class action suits:

  • Several claims against devices or products characterize them.
  • While there are a lot of plaintiffs, the fundamental facts and allegations are the same, even if they are not the same across the board.
  • Despite being part of an MDL, however, the claims are distinct, and each has its value as each claim is evaluated on its merits. A “global” settlement could have different amounts paid for various plaintiffs.

A mass tort suit can be filed in state or federal court. In the instance of Zantac lawsuits, they’ve been made into a multidistrict lawsuit (MDL) and not a class action suit.


Multi-district litigation (sometimes called multidistrict litigation or MDL) is a legal procedure through which similar lawsuits are integrated to speed up the legal procedure.

In the Zantac case, lawsuits filed by thousands of plaintiffs have been combined into multidistrict litigation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

The judge will select a team of lawyers to represent the plaintiffs in MDL with the title of “co-lead counsel.” The judge will then plan a “bellwether” trial. These are preliminary trials designed to assess the effectiveness of the plaintiffs’ and defence arguments. The outcome of these trials can significantly influence the speed of settlement and the scope of any settlement.

Global Settlements

If a “global agreement” is reached in an MDL, the plaintiffs will have the opportunity to accept the settlement terms. The settlement funds are then divided according to each case’s particular facts and particulars (see the section below).

Disclaimer: No settlement agreement has been signed in any case involving the drug ranitidine (ZANTAC(r)), which includes within the Multidistrict Litigation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (case number. 20-MD-2924).

What makes an MDL different from an Action Classified?

To be precise, Zantac lawsuits are not part of an action class. They’re part of an MDL, another legal system to consolidate mass tort suits.

An MDL is distinct from an action in class because individual claims are protected. While the underlying claims are comparable, the claims in an MDL generally differ more than those in a group action lawsuit.

Unlike a class-action lawsuit, a deal in an MDL is not distributed evenly between plaintiffs but divided into individual sums based on unique circumstances and facts of each case.


Update for February 2023: our firm will no longer accept Zantac claims amid new developments within the legal battle. Watch our site for the most up-to-date news and informational updates.

If you’ve had cancer that qualifies as qualifying after taking the brand-name Zantac, You could be eligible for compensation during a Zantac lawsuit.

You could be eligible for a lawsuit under the terms of Zantac MDL, and we’d like to assist you in any way we can. To receive a no-cost and no-obligation case evaluation, contact us at 1-888-885-2771.

Important The federal judge recently denied lawsuits involving generic Zantac. Currently, we can only take cases that involve the use of the brand name Zantac or “mixed” utilization of the brand name Zantac and generic counterparts.

Please note: At this point, the federal MDL has restricted the Zantac claims that we can take on oesophagal, bladder, stomach, liver, pancreatic, and oesophagal cancers. We recognize that other cancers could be connected. However, we’re unable to assist in these claims at the moment because of the evidence and court rulings of recent.

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