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AFFF SETTLEMENTS: WHAT CAN VICTIMS EXPECT?- After research has discovered a link between the PFAS "forever" chemical compounds in AFFF (firefighting foam) and cancer, a plethora of lawsuits were filed against firefighters as well as homeowners, claiming they believe that AFFF, along with AFFF runoff, caused cancer in their bodies.


After research has discovered a link between the PFAS “forever” chemical compounds in AFFF (firefighting foam) and cancer, a plethora of lawsuits were filed against firefighters as well as homeowners, claiming they believe that AFFF, along with AFFF runoff, caused cancer in their bodies. Our firm handles a lot of instances of asbestos-based cancer cases, and many prospective clients ask, “What kind of AFFF settlement can I anticipate?”

Important: The short answer is that you cannot anticipate any deal or verdict for a court case. The result in any AFFF cancer case is uncertain and will be based on your particular case’s particular details and circumstances.

However, legal analysts anticipate that possible AFFF settlements could cost firefighting foam manufacturers thousands of dollars. Recent lawsuits against producers of products containing the chemicals PFAS have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements. One example is the 2017 settlement between Teflon producers Dupont and Chemours Co., totalling $671 million.


In the multi-district lawsuit in the multi-district litigation against Dupont and Chemours Co. More than 3,500 plaintiffs claimed that perfluorooctanoic acids


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(PFOA) -one of the PFAS chemicals in the water runoff from Dupont’s Parkersburg, West Virginia manufacturing plant caused cancer in homeowners of nearby properties. Chemours Co. was spun out of Dupont in the year 2015.

The PFOA-rich discharge of the Dupont manufacturing facility soiled the area’s water supply. These PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds) were linked with various forms of cancers, including testicular cancer and kidney cancer — two types of cancer at the heart of the latest AFFF lawsuits against manufacturers of firefighting foam.

While Dupont and Chemours Co. have denied any wrongdoing, they did not contest the fact that C-8 (a PFOA chemical resulting from the manufacture of Teflon products) can cause cancer. Both companies denied that they had committed any wrongdoing during the trial and refused to admit any responsibility as a condition of the settlement terms.

A total of $671 million from the Dupont settlement was set to be distributed to roughly 350 claimants based on the circumstances and facts of each claimant’s case.

The Dupont PFAS lawsuit settlement was a precursor to the current PFAS litigation. Thousands of lawsuits and claims have been brought against companies such as Dupont and 3M claiming that PFAS contamination of drinking water causes cancer.

According to a study conducted recently, it was found that the drinking water supply of 19 million citizens in 43 states of the United States is contaminated with PFAS.

Potentially AFFF Settlements in the Firefighting Foam cancer cases

So, what type of AFFF settlements can plaintiffs expect in cases involving cancer-fighting foam in the firefighter’s field? In reality, how litigation is not known and ultimately depends on the specific circumstances and facts of the particular case. A favourable settlement or verdict is not assured; however, due to the precedent set in lawsuits, such as the recent lawsuits against Dupont, AFFF cancer claims could lead to significant resolutions or even verdicts.

Firefighters who use AFFF “firefighting foam” and property owners who live near military installations and airports with water sources affected through AFFF runoff are at the most chance of developing cancer linked to the foam used to fight fires.

Are you suffering from cancer due to contact with AFFF and AFFF runoff?

People diagnosed with testicular or kidney cancer following exposure to AFFF foam to fight fires or drinking water because of AFFF drainage could be eligible for significant financial relief. AFFF settlements and verdicts could be shortly, and now is the best time to inquire about your claim.

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The firm we represent has fought to hold negligent companies like Dupont and 3M accountable for over three decades, and we’d be delighted to assist you in obtaining justice. We’ve won numerous settlements and judgements for those who have suffered injuries and illness due to others who’s negligence. We encourage you to read the terms our clients have used to describe their experiences working with our lawyers and support our staff (see the disclaimer below).

Apply for free consultation from the AFFF Expert. There is no cost for attorney fees unless we prevail in your case and you get an amount of money.

“This settlement has changed my life and my whole family’s lives.”

Linda B., The Justice Now client

Reasonable AFFF settlements or verdicts aren’t sure. However, If you’ve been diagnosed with renal cancer or cancer of the testicular following exposure to firefighting foam, you may be able to make an award of compensation.

Take your time getting help to contact an expert. As long you delay reaching out to an AFFF lawyer with experience in cancer, the more difficult it will be to prevail in your case and get the amount you are entitled to.

Justice is a must for those who have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of exposure to hazardous chemicals like PFAS. You deserve to be treated with respect.

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