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Bayer wins latest Roundup cancer Lawsuit trial, ending losing streak

Bayer has been awarded a victory in a Roundup Cancer Lawsuit brought by a California man who claims the cause of his cancer was exposure to the Roundup weedkiller. The verdict ends Bayer's five-trial loss streak in its trials over similar claims.


Dec 23 (The Justice Now) – The verdict was delivered this Friday by a jury of San Benito County, California Superior Court, Bayer announced. Bayer said in an announcement that its ruling is “consistent with the facts provided in the case, indicating that Roundup is not a cause of cancer. It is also not to blame for the plaintiff’s condition.”

Lawyers representing Plaintiff Bruce Jones did not immediately respond to inquiries for clarification. As with the majority of defendants who are involved in Roundup suits, Jones alleged that the product led to him developing an aggressive form of cancer known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

More than 165,000 claims have been filed against Bayer for personal injuries that were allegedly caused by Roundup, which Bayer bought in the course of the $63 billion acquisition of U.S. Agrochemicals company Monsanto in 2018.

Prior to the recent series of losses that resulted in verdicts against Bayer that amounted to greater than $2.5 billion, Bayer had won 9 consecutive trials. That means it has been successful in 10 of the past 15 trials. More cases are likely to be heard in the near future.

Bayer appeals the verdicts against it that include substantial punitive damages, which are likely to be reduced as they are in excess of U.S. Supreme Court guidance.

The losses led a few investors to be sceptical of Bayer’s legal approach in defence of the Roundup cases. Bayer stated that last month it was going to keep litigating the cases in court and said it had “no desire to write huge cheques” to settle the claims.

The year 2020 was the one in which Bayer agreed to settle the majority of pending Roundup cases for a maximum of $9.6 billion but did not reach a settlement for future issues. Nearly 50,000 lawsuits are being resolved.

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