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Zantac Lawsuit: What Is the Zantac Settlement Value?

Zantac Lawsuit: What Is the Zantac Settlement Value? - We don't know the actual settlement values for Zantac claims because they are currently unresolved. Lawyers are calculating damages to determine how much the drug manufacturers owe victims. The settlement amount will also vary depending on the victim, lawsuit, and manufacturer.


Settlements can include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Speak with an experienced Zantac attorney immediately to learn about your compensation options. The Justice Now is here to assist.

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When We Expect Zantac Lawsuits to Settle

Zantac-related issues did not arise until 2019. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially urged manufacturers to remove Zantac from the market in April 2020.

Although we would prefer that victims receive their funds immediately, settlements take time. Because lawsuits have only recently begun, some settlements may take several years. A Zantac class-action case, on the other hand, may be worth billions of dollars.

Personal injury attorneys are working hard to ensure that victims receive their compensation as soon as possible. Fortunately, most lawyers do not charge until the matter is completed. You will not be charged unless we win for you.

Understanding the Value of Your Zantac Settlement

The makers of Zantac will almost certainly have to settle with a large number of lawsuits. (A plaintiff is someone who files a lawsuit against another individual or business. We refer to you as a plaintiff or victim if you are pursuing a Zantac settlement.)

Each plaintiff’s compensation will be determined by their injuries and the facts of their case. Because the Zantac complaint involves a link to cancer, lawyers will investigate each victim’s cancer case.

Those who have suffered more serious injuries may receive substantially larger compensation. A stage four terminal cancer victim, for example, may be entitled to more compensation than a stage one cancer victim. Someone who has had more treatment or procedures may be eligible for more money.

Zantac Settlement Amount Determined by Damages

Your lawyer will investigate all of the ways Zantac has harmed you. You most certainly have a case if you acquired cancer after taking Zantac.

Your compensation amount will be determined by your “damages.” Damages are financial damages incurred as a result of your injury. Your cancer diagnosis would represent your harm in this situation.

Georgia law categorizes losses as either special or general (Georgia Code 51-12-2).

Special Zantac Damages

Your particular damages could include the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Cancer treatment costs
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medications
  • Lost wages

You can prove special damages through documentation. Medical bills, receipts, and pay stubs can show your monetary losses. However, general damages are more difficult to prove.

General Zantac Damages

The following are general damages:

  • Pain and suffering, both physical and mental
  • Anguish in the mind
  • Dissatisfaction with life
  • Depression or anxiety

A cancer diagnosis has a wide-ranging impact on your life. This includes emotional injuries such as those mentioned above. Your attorney will seek to put a monetary value on these losses.

If you or someone you care about developed cancer after taking Zantac, you may have a case. We wish we could provide you with a specific settlement value, but that is not possible at this moment. Settlements will be determined by each claim and its associated damages.

Accepting or Rejecting Your Zantac Settlement

A settlement offer might be accepted or rejected by each plaintiff. If you do not believe your settlement offer is reasonable, you may take your case to trial. Going to trial, however, does not ensure a victory.

Your Zantac lawyer will only advise you to proceed to trial if they believe you have a good case. While a trial is more risky than accepting a settlement, a trial award might be significantly greater. If the settlement is fair to you, your lawyer would most likely advise you to accept it.

Why the Zantac Lawsuit Started

Zantac lawsuits began after the FDA reported the presence of a potentially carcinogenic chemical in Zantac. N-nitroso dimethylamine (NDMA) levels were found in Zantac and ranitidine (the generic variant of Zantac).

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), NDMA is a chemical and a possible human carcinogen. In the lab, scientists used NDMA to trigger cancer in rats. NDMA is highly hazardous to humans at high concentrations.

According to the FDA,

  • Some Zantac/ranitidine formulations included low amounts of NDMA.
  • NDMA levels in Zantac/ranitidine products can rise over time and at high temperatures.
  • Conditions may result in “unacceptable levels” of NDMA in the medicine.

For many years, individuals have been using Zantac (or its generic counterpart with ranitidine). It is a common heartburn treatment that reduces the amount of acid produced by your stomach. Zantac is also useful in the treatment of acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

The makers of Zantac failed to tell patients about the risks of NDMA cancer. Many people are now suing for the recompense they deserve.

How to Determine If You Are Eligible to Join the Zantac Lawsuit

If you match both of the following criteria, you may be eligible for a Zantac lawsuit:

  • You were a regular user of Zantac or ranitidine.
  • You were diagnosed with cancer after using the drug.

You may be eligible for a settlement if you have any sort of cancer. However, the disorders most closely associated with NDMA are as follows:

  • Stomach Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Intestinal Cancer

If you have one of these malignancies, you are more likely to receive a larger settlement. Your odds are also improved if you take Zantac on a prescription.

Determine Your Eligibility for the Zantac Lawsuit

Speak with an experienced lawyer for the most up-to-date information about Zantac settlements. We are now speaking with people who may have a claim.

If you take Zantac or ranitidine and develop cancer, please contact us – Schedule a FREE appointment with a Zantac Expert today to learn more about your options.

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