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When will Camp Lejeune Lawsuit be Settled?

Our lawyers handle claims from victims who wish to file a Camp Lejeune suit in any of the 50 states. This page contains the most up-to-date information - you can use it whether you hire Camp Lejeune lawyers. It also includes the latest updates on the Camp Lejeune litigation, which allows victims of contaminated water to join a civil lawsuit seeking fair settlement compensation.


Our lawyers speculate on possible individual settlement payments for Camp Lejeune lawsuits. These cases ultimately concern monetary compensation for victims. Our attorneys have predicted the range of settlement payments you can expect to receive for your claim regarding contaminated water.

What is the Average Time a Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Lawsuit Will Take?

There currently needs to be a date when the federal government will resolve Camp Lejeune’s toxic water claims. As officials decide how to allocate settlement money, the process could take months or even years.

Maison Law represents victims and their families in California who have suffered health problems after coming in contact with toxic water at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Our Camp Lejeune toxic lawyers want to ensure that victims receive their fair share of the checks once they are awarded.

Call us today for a free consultation if your loved one was diagnosed with cancer or other diseases after exposure to Camp Lejeune’s contaminated waters in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Waiting on Camp Lejeune Settlement Money

Over 30 years, it is estimated that approximately a million people were subject to toxic toxins in the water supply at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Victims of this water crisis with serious health issues faced significant legal hurdles, including a statute of limitations when they asked the U.S. Department of Defense to provide financial assistance.

Camp Lejeune Justice Act was created to remove these obstacles so that victims and their families can receive help. How the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the federal government will interpret this new legislation must be clarified. They will have to determine which illnesses are eligible for compensation and how much each victim will be entitled to.

This uncertainty could cause delays in the claims process for thousands upon thousands of families and patients who have suffered. Experts believe it could take up to two years before veterans, their families, and civilian workers exposed to toxic waters receive settlements. Some estimates place the arrival of the first payouts as early as mid-2024.

Deadline to File a Camp Lejeune Contaminated water Claim

Although the government does not have a deadline for Camp Lejeune, contaminated waters claims, victims and their families face a deadline that affects how long they can file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations runs for two years after the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was passed (CLJA). This means toxic water claims won’t be accepted after August 10, 2024.

Victims and their loved ones will be keen to remember this deadline, but it is best to act as soon as possible. While settlements might be delayed, you will benefit from filing as quickly as possible. You want to be among the first to file payments when government officials approve them.

A Camp Lejeune Contaminated water Lawyer can locate important documents that can be used as support for medical and military service records going back many decades. Your lawyer will build a strong case and notify you when your case is ready to be submitted. Your lawyer will cooperate with the federal government to obtain any additional information they require so that support can be provided as soon as possible.

Who can file a Camp Lejeune Toxic water Lawsuit?

On August 10, 2022, the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was passed. It allows victims of contaminated water and their families to sue for damages.

For a CLJA lawsuit to be filed, victims must have been exposed to the water at Marine Corps Base for 30 days between December 31, 1987, and August 1, 1953. It does not have to be continuous.

For those with Camp Lejeune toxic waters, qualifying medical conditions might include:

  • Camp Lejeune was home to military veterans and their families.
  • Base workers are civilians.
  • These chemicals were used to induce pregnancy and birth in infants born after mothers had been exposed.

Camp Lejeune victims should have legal guardians who can file for them. Families may file a claim for Camp Lejeune victims of contaminated water who haven’t lived enough to receive benefits.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What documents can be gathered for evidence in a Camp Lejeune Toxic Water case?

Medical documentation will be required to confirm your diagnosis. Also, keep track of all bills you have received. Service records will be needed for veterans. Service records and pay stubs will be required to show the time spent at Camp Lejeune and lost income due to illness.

What damages are covered by the Camp Lejeune Justice Act Settlement?

You should be compensated for any medical bills you have paid in the past or in the future. It would be best to get back your lost income and benefits—assistance for your family’s emotional and physical trauma.

What kinds of emotional trauma are eligible for compensation in a Camp Lejeune toxic-water claim?

A diagnosis and hard recovery may lead to depression and loss of enjoyment of one’s life. Inability to take part in hobbies or family activities. Loss of intimacy with your spouse. Loss of a baby or failure to conceive.

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