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What is Firefighting Foam Settlement in 2024

For decades, Aqueous film- forming foam (or AFFF) utilized dangerous chemicals referred to as PFAS in their foams that could cause cancer. A lot of firefighters across the United States who contracted cancer due to PFAS exposure filed suit seeking firefighting foam settlement from manufacturers of firefighting foam to help them cure their illnesses.


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What Is a Firefighting Foam Settlement?

From the 60s onward, firefighting foam, also known as aqueous film-forming foam or AFFF, has been essential in airports and military bases nationwide.

However, firefighting foams contain hazardous chemicals called polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS), which do not dissolve in time. PFAS can accumulate in the body, which can cause cancer and other health problems to arise.

In pursuit of the justice of the law and compensation for financial losses, several firefighters have decided to make AFFF cancer lawsuits due to their exposure to cancer and occupational diagnosis.

Successful AFFF lawsuits can result in a settlement in one of two ways:

  • AFFF settlement of a lawsuit The AFFF settlement is a sum of compensation negotiated by the victim (the person diagnosed with cancer caused by PFAS) and accepted by the defending firms (the manufacturers of AFFF). It could be without the need for court.
  • AFFF verdict: The case could go to trial if a settlement isn’t reached. In a trial, both sides will argue their case before a judge. The judge and jury will decide on the verdict through an award.

Suppose you were a firefighter and you have been diagnosed with cancer because of PFAS exposure. In that case, The Justice Now may be capable of filing an AFFF lawsuit on your behalf, aiming to obtain money to cover your medical expenses and much more.

What Health Conditions Qualify for AFFF Settlements?

Sadly, many firefighters who were exposed to firefighting foam during their work have discovered they have serious health problems related to exposure to PFAS, which include:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Liver cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Cancer of the kidney or renal
  • Cancer of the testicular tract
  • Thyroid disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Endometrial cancer or Uterine

PFAS Settlements: January 2024 Update

For a long time, the producers of firefighting foam containing PFAS have claimed that their AFFF is secure. Contrary to their assertions, chemical compounds containing PFAS have been linked with an increased risk of cancer.

Indeed, there have been settlements in cases that involved exposure to PFAS.

A few examples of PFAS settlements are:

  • The $10.3 Billion PFAS settlement includes multiple U.S. cities and towns to settle claims for PFAS-contaminated water.
  • $4 billion Settlement with the PFAS-containing manufacturers of products DuPont, Chemours, and Corteva
  • $350 million 3M PFAS settlement to clean up Minnesota groundwater by PFAS
  • $50 million Settlement in a settlement of $50 million between DuPont, Chemour, and Corteva as well as The State of Delaware regarding PFAS water pollution
  • $17.5 Million AFFF settlement of a class action lawsuit to Johnson Controls, the maker of Tyco Fire Products, which includes firefighting foam containing PFAS

AFFF lawsuits against the makers of the foam containing PFAS are currently being tried across the country. New cases are being filed.

What Determines AFFF Lawsuit Settlement Amounts?

An AFFF lawsuit’s success and outcome will be affected by various factors that determine its outcome, including:

  • Exposure to harmful PFAS in the AFFF Firefighters, particularly those who were part of the military or stationed at airports, are likely to have had higher exposure to harmful PFAS within foam for firefighting.
  • Cancer severity The kind of cancer PFAS and the degree to which it has grown influence the worth of the AFFF settlement.
  • The cost of current medical expenses Patients with cancer are likely to have seen specialists and doctors who identified their condition and devised treatment plans to combat it. This could comprise things like surgery or radiation therapy. Chemotherapy.
  • Estimated costs of ongoing or future medical treatment. A lot of cancer patients undergo ongoing medical treatments to fight cancer. Patients might also have to consult with additional specialists such as surgeons, nutritionists, and physical psychotherapists.
  • Punitive damages: During juries, punitive damages can often be granted to victims of injury to penalize the responsible company or entities for the victim’s illness and injury.

The above factors -and many more could affect the worth of an AFFF settlement amount for a lawsuit. Every case is unique, and the results of previous cases do not guarantee future outcomes.

To learn more about whether you have a legal issue, call The Justice Now  today for a free consultation with a lawyer.

Who Qualifies for AFFF Settlements?

You may be able to make an AFFF lawsuit for yourself or someone you love:

  • Was a firefighter
  • We were previously exposed to PFAS-containing foam for fighting fires at work or during training.
  • The patient has been diagnosed with one of the cancer types listed below, including bladder, pancreatic colon, breast, and kidney cancer, as well as leukemia testicular, lymphoma, liver thyroid, and prostate cancer.

If they are successful, the firefighting foam lawsuits could result in an AFFF settlement or a verdict paid to the victim or their loved ones.

How to Pursue a Firefighter Foam Settlement

The easiest method to get justice and compensation via an agreement with a firefighter or a verdict is to engage an experienced lawyer for firefighter foam who will assist you through the legal system.

A skilled foam lawyer for firefighting can:

  • Find out if you are eligible to bring legal actions
  • Find the evidence needed to make a solid argument.
  • Make your claim as soon as possible before the state’s deadlines.
  • You can negotiate a firefighter foam settlement on your behalf.
  • If a firefighter foam settlement isn’t reached, you can argue your case in the courtroom.

If you need help, AFFF lawyers with The Justice Now will handle each step through the court process for you and at no cost or expense for you or your household members.

Deadlines on Filing PFAS Chemical Exposure Lawsuits

The time frame for the victim or their family to make a PFAS lawsuit differs from state to state. Each state has its statutes and limitations — a set of laws that specify the time frame within which a person must file a lawsuit for their injuries.

This is why victims must get legal counsel as soon as possible. After the deadline expires, victims can no longer take on PFAS Chemical Exposure Settlements again.

Get Help Pursuing PFAS Compensation

Without the help of a competent and knowledgeable legal team, the process of pursuing PFAS compensation could be a lengthy, complicated, and confusing procedure.

If you become an attorney at The Justice Now, our AFFF lawyers will handle each step of the legal procedure, from locating the evidence to submitting the claim in time.

Why do you choose to work in conjunction with The Justice Now?

  • FREE Case Assessments: We offer a no-cost, no-obligation legal review of cases to determine if you could be in the middle of a legal case.
  • Decades of Experience: For over 40 years, The Justice Now has been helping victims nationwide receive the justice they deserve.
  • A Long-Term Record of Success We’ve been able to recover over $9.1 Billion for those affected and their victims’ families.
  • Nationwide Reach: We have offices in every state, and we can represent clients across the nation.
  • There are no upfront costs for our lawyer’s work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only receive payment if you complete it.

Suppose you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer as a result of having worked with foam for fighting fires or other firefighting foam. In that case, our AFFF lawyers might be able to assist you in seeking financial compensation.

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