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What Is AFFF foam Used For?

The primary role of AFFF Foam is to rapidly stop and contain fires involving volatile liquids such as gasoline, jet fuel and oil. The ability to form films aids in smothering the flames, stopping them from spreading and sparking. It helps make AFFF essential to firefighting efforts where liquid fuel fires pose risks to the general public. AFFF is used in many industries beyond firefighting, such as chemical and oil refineries, airports and military installations. AFFF can also be used for storage tanks and specific manufacturing processes for volatile liquids.


Possible Exposures

Large corporations like 3M manufacture AFFF, and firefighters and military personnel have been using these products for a long time.

Personnel directly involved with the foam are exposed for a long time and have adverse health effects. It includes both former and current civilian or military firefighters.

Illnesses Linked to AFFF Exposure

A few studies have identified health risks linked to chemicals found in AFFF. However, researchers require more scientific and medical evidence to understand the dangers to human health better.

It is not common for people to get sick following exposure to PFAS. The chance of developing health issues depends on how frequently the person is exposed to chemicals, the quantity of chemicals they are exposed to and the length of time they’ve been exposed.

People exposed for a long time are at the most significant risk.

Because these chemicals can spill into the air and water, those living near facilities that use AFFF, such as military installations or chemical plants, could be in danger.

As per the EPA, individuals exposed to these chemicals and those living close to facilities that use PFAs have higher levels of substances in their blood.

Certain PFAS may accumulate and remain within the human body for prolonged periods. Long-term exposure to large amounts of PFAS/PFOA/PFOS can cause an accumulation in the body. The buildup can have negative health consequences, including cancers.

Who Is at Higher Risk of PFAS Exposure?

Areas contaminated by AFFF or exposed to the foam used in the fight against fire are at a greater chance of developing a disease. These groups are more susceptible to health issues:

  • Firefighters:

Firefighters often deal with AFFF when firefighting and are at risk of exposure to PFAS within the foam.

  • Military Personnel:

Military personnel, especially those participating in firefighting and training exercises that employ AFFF, are at risk of exposure to PFAS.

  • Industrial Workers:

Workers in industries involved in manufacturing, production or use of chemicals, such as AFFF, are in greater danger from exposure to PFAS chemicals, like PFOA and PFOS and Aviation Workers.

Workers in industries that are producing or distributing foam to fight fires may expose themselves to toxic PFAS.

  • Individuals who live near Fire Training Sites or Disposal Facilities

Communities close to fire training facilities or disposal facilities that contain AFFF storage or usage may be more at risk of exposure. Groundwater contamination and the surroundings could affect neighbours nearby.

  • Consumers of PFAS-Contaminated Water

Drinkers who consume water contaminated with PFAS may be at an increased risk of exposure. The water contamination may be due to discharges from industrial sources, inefficient disposal of waste, or even the proximity of zones in which AFFF is commonly used.

  • Pregnant Women

The PFAS chemicals can pass through the placental barrier, which results in the prenatal exposure of the immune system of the developing body. Foetus. Exposure to PFAS chemicals has been associated with a range of health problems, including:

  • Potentially detrimental effects on the development of the foetus
  • Immune system development
  • Long-term health outcomes

On Going AFFF Foam Lawsuit

AFFF was used for a long time to put out flammable fires; however, it has since been implicated in various severe health issues, including cancer. Recently, there’s been an increase in lawsuits brought by firefighters and others who were in contact with AFFF foam.

The AFFF lawsuit usually alleges that the makers of AFFF foam were aware of the risks to health associated with PFAS, yet failed to inform the general public. Plaintiffs also claim that the companies continued to market AFFF foam, even when safer alternatives were made more readily available.

The AFFF lawsuits continue; however, various vital developments have occurred in the last months. In November 2022, producers of AFFF foam reached a $10.3 billion agreement with cities nationwide to remove PFAS pollution caused by AFFF foam found in local water sources.

The settlement is the most significant environmental agreement ever in American history; however, it does not address the claims of firefighters or other people subjected to AFFF foam. The lawsuits continue, and it’s possible that the plaintiffs can receive billions of dollars in damages.

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