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Social media companies must face youth social media addiction lawsuit, US judge rules

A federal judge has rejected attempts by the major social media firms to dismiss the nationwide youth social media addiction lawsuit accusing them of illicitly enticing and later addicting millions of children onto their social media platforms, harming their mental health.


Nov 18 (The Justice Now) – U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, California, ruled against Alphabet, which operates Google as well as YouTube; Meta Platforms, which is the operator of Facebook as well as Instagram; ByteDance, which manages TikTok and Snap that operates Snapchat.

The ruling covers hundreds of lawsuits brought by children allegedly suffering adverse physical, mental, and emotional health impacts due to social media, including depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

In addition to various other options, the lawsuit seeks damages and an end to the defendants’ claims of wrongful conduct.

“Today’s decision is a significant victory for the families that the dangers of social media have harmed,” the plaintiffs’ lead attorneys — Lexi Hazam, Previn Warren, and Chris Seeger – said in the joint statement.

Over 140 schools have brought suits against the company, which are currently before Gonzalez. Also, 42 states and 42 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit against Meta last month to stop youth dependence on the social media platform.

Alphabet, with a spokeswoman, said the claims were “simply not true” and stated that safeguarding youngsters “has always been core to our work.” A TikTok spokesperson claimed the company had “robust safety policies and parental controls.”

Snap did not respond to requests to respond. Meta didn’t respond to an inquiry for comments.

Rogers’ 52-page decision rejected arguments that the companies were exempt from lawsuits by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment and the federal Communications Decency Act provision.

The companies claimed that Section 230 provides protection against liability for any content users post on their platforms. It also requires the removal of all claims.

However, Rogers stated that the plaintiffs’ allegations were more than simply focusing on content from third parties and that the defendants didn’t explain the reasons why the defendants should not be held accountable for failing to provide adequate parental controls that do not help users to limit their screen time or making it difficult to remove accounts.

She gave an example of allegations that businesses could have used tools to verify age to alert parents that they had children online.

“Accordingly, they pose a plausible theory under which failure to verify user age validly harms users distinct from harm caused by consumption of third-party content on defendants’ platforms,” Rogers wrote.

Rogers claimed that the companies had a legal obligation to their customers due to their status as manufacturers of products and could be accused of negligence for their responsibility to design safe products and to inform customers of any known flaws.

The judge ruled that the companies had no obligations under the law to shield users from harm posed by other users on their platforms. She reduced the lawsuit’s scope by eliminating some of the claims that plaintiffs sought to pursue.

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