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Hair relaxer claims against L’Oreal, Revlon can proceed -U.S. judge

A federal judge has allowed most of the claims to proceed in an ongoing litigation alleging that chemicals in hair relaxers manufactured by L'Oreal USA, Revlon, and others cause cancer, among other injuries.


The Illinois-based U.S. District Judge Mary Rowland rejected all of the arguments presented by companies when they filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit regarding the products in the multidistrict litigation. The case encompasses more than 8000 lawsuits.

The judge ruled that plaintiffs had presented enough evidence to back their allegations, accusing the companies of negligence, ineffective design of their products, and inability to warn consumers about the risks.

Of the 15 claims in the complaint, Rowland dismissed three completely and a portion of the fourth, concluding that plaintiffs did not do enough to support their claims that the defendants committed fraud.

These products contain chemicals that permanently straighten the texture of hair and are usually targeted at women of shade. The first lawsuits were filed in courts following the 2022 release of the National Institutes of Health study that showed women who resorted to the products more than once per year were two times more likely to develop cancer of the uterus.

Reps from L’Oreal and Revlon have not responded to requests for clarification.

In a statement on the internet following the first lawsuits, L’Oreal said it was “confident in the safety of our products and believe the recent lawsuits filed against us have no legal merit.”

A Revlon representative has previously said to Reuters that the company does not “believe the science supports a link between chemical hair straighteners or relaxers and cancer.”

A few smaller cosmetics firms are mentioned in the lawsuits, including ones based in India.

Jennifer Hoekstra, one of the leading attorneys representing consumers, told the media on Monday the ruling supports their contention that the products, as well as the company’s instructions regarding their use, led to cancer.

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The ongoing litigation is for the benefit for the people who got cheated by the giant cosmetic companies. They were unable to design healthy products for the consumers and failed to inform about the dangers of the products.

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