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First Trial Over Zantac Cancer Claims Set For November – Get Lawyer.

First trial over Zantac cancer claims set for November - First U.S. trial over claims that the heartburn medication Zantac causes cancer is set to be held within California the state court of November. 13th A lawyer representing plaintiffs in the lawsuit told reporters on Friday.


Plaintiffs in the litigation assert that Zantac causes nine kinds of cancer: breast, colorectal, and bladder.

A trial in a lawsuit filed by another plaintiff was scheduled for next month. However, it was canceled due to the pill’s British company GSK plc (GSK.L), the sole defendant in the trial, settling for an undisclosed sum but not admitting responsibility.

Many lawsuits involving Zantac are being filed across California and against GSK, Sanofi SA, Pfizer Inc, and Boehringer Ingelheim, all offering the drug at various dates.

The trial will test the strength of claims, and the outcome of the problem can influence negotiations toward the possibility of a larger settlement.

There are a few companies who have repeatedly denied the fact that Zantac causes cancer, which is mentioned in every lawsuit. The case that will be heard in November hasn’t been decided, according to an official from GSK.

The first time it was approved was in 1983. Zantac was ranked as the world’s top-selling drug in 1988 and one of the first medications that surpassed one billion dollars in revenue. Zantac was initially offered by a company that was a precursor to GSK.

In 2019, some companies stopped Zantac sales due to fears that its active ingredient, ranitidine, was degraded over time and formed the chemical NDMA. While NDMA can be found in small amounts in water and food, studies have found that it causes cancer in higher quantities.

The FDA 2020 pulled out of the market all of the brand names Zantac and generic Zantac generic versions.

The drug makers scored a significant triumph in December, when a federal judge struck down all Zantac cases brought in U.S. federal courts, approximately 50,000 patients, after determining that the views of plaintiffs’ expert witnesses relating Zantac to cancer weren’t supported by solid scientific evidence.

Some cases remain filed in state courts, with the majority in Delaware, in which over 70,000 legal matters are being processed.

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