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Do I Qualify for the Cartiva Implant Lawsuit?

In search of relief from medical issues, many patients looked to using the Cartiva toe implants as a potential solution to joint pain and limited mobility. For some patients, what was meant as a transformative surgery caused unexpected problems that altered the course of their lives. Suppose you or someone close to you are undergoing a Cartiva surgical procedure for a toe and are facing incredible challenges. In that case, you might be asking, "Do I qualify for the Cartiva Implant Lawsuit?"


This article explores the intricacies concerning Cartiva toe implant, their complications and the possible legal resources available to those who have been adversely affected. We aim to provide clarity and advice to potential plaintiffs and patients who are at a crossroads and seeking justice and answers after unexpected medical issues.

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What is the Cartiva Toe Implant Lawsuit?

There have been many instances in which the victims have had to suffer Cartiva toe implant-related injuries, which caused them to lose the physical condition of their patients. Implants penetrated the bones, and there are numerous stories about this massive failure, too.

The patients have a claim against the company in this case that is Cartiva accountable. They are of the opinion that the implant’s design isn’t industrial-grade and has resulted in grave orthopaedic issues as well.

Certain patients have also undergone surgery for orthopaedics, which has had an unending impact on their health, too. It is a fact that if the structure of the implant was perfect and crafted, there could not have been any issues for the patients in any way.

Cartiva Lawsuit Overview

Cartiva has been a producer of implants and surgical prosthetics since 2016. One of their most well-known products is synthetic cartilage implants. They aim to aid patients who have had toe surgical fusion. They can be a great substitute for surgery in this respect.

This way, the implants are effective in treating the patients’ damaged toe cartilage. In the recent past, there have been a lot of complaints regarding the performance of Cartiva implant users. The implant was hindering their procedure and recovery to an extensive degree. They noticed pain in their toes as well as bone loosening, fractures as well as other issues.

In America alone, the victims are mainly complaining and filing lawsuits against the firm repeatedly, which demonstrates the extent of their loss, as well. The basis for this Cartiva Implant lawsuit is that the patients think that the design of the implants was flawed and caused them to suffer serious orthopaedic problems, such as physical impairment and further surgery.

Qualifications for Cartiva Implant Lawsuit

If you are one of the victims who want to start a Cartiva Implant lawsuit, the following guidelines are likely to prove effective:

  • Medical Records: It’s crucial to disclose medical records, which could include documents from surgeries and medical bills, the duration of hospitalization, and laboratory test results. Medical records will help strengthen the case of the victim, which will increase their chances of winning effectively.
  • Complications: Confirm that the patient has been suffering from complications of a curative implant. It is important to have evidence of this, too. It could be a physical health condition, loss of health, as well as other financial issues.
  • Timing: There’s no doubt that these crucial lawsuits are subject to strict deadlines to file. Thus, the plaintiffs should seek assistance from an attorney who can assist them in meeting the deadlines for filing lawsuits such as the Cartiva Implant lawsuit. Otherwise, they could be late and then not submit their claims and complaints to the court. Because of this, employing an attorney in this case is a good idea, as it will ease the legal issues for victims in all aspects.

About Cartiva Implant Lawsuit

This Cartiva Implant Lawsuit is a legal battle that has raised significant questions regarding the effectiveness and security of Cartiva Implant. Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant. The device is designed to ease the pain of arthritis in the large toe but is instead associated with a high rate of failure and severe complications, which can lead to significant discomfort for the patients.

The big toe is a common area of arthritis, also known as hallux rigidus, and is an affliction that causes pain and suffering for more than 2.2 million Americans. The degenerative form of arthritis causes cartilage loss in the joint that is the first that connects the toe’s big one, which results in extreme pain and limitations in movement. Prior to the introduction of the Cartiva Implant in 2015, the most common treatment for this problem was surgery called big toe fusion, also known as arthrodesis. However, the procedure had many challenges of its own that included a lengthy recovery time and possible loss of joint mobility.

It was the Cartiva Implant, a small cylindrical device constructed of a polyvinyl alcohol-like gel hydrogel (PVA), which was a revolutionary alternative. The implant was created to replace damaged cartilage of the joint and act as a cushion, preventing the painful friction between bone and bone. The implant was promoted as a secure and safe treatment, providing patients with the option of less surgery and shorter healing times.

But the reality that was the case with Cartiva Implant was far from the promise. Patients reported a broad spectrum of serious problems, such as extreme pain, a loss of strength or breaking in the implants, as well as subsidence, which is a condition in which the implant is absorbed into bone. The complications usually required more surgeries, resulting in greater suffering and pain for patients.

The Cartiva Implant Lawsuit claims that the companies who made this device, such as Cartiva Inc., Wright Medical Group and Stryker, were aware of these concerns but decided to conceal this information from the medical community as well as patients. The lawsuits assert that the makers were more concerned with the prevention of a recall for their product and preserving their profits rather than ensuring the safety of patients.

The victims of Cartiva implant problems seek justice and compensation for their pain. If you or someone close to you is affected, knowing what is the Cartiva Implant Lawsuit is the first step in seeking your rights.

It’s important to know that you’re not on your own in this process – ConsumerShield will be there to help you through the procedure. We can connect you to skilled attorneys who specialize in lawsuits involving class actions to ensure your claim is placed in the proper hands. Our goal is to provide more than just connections; we strive to be a dependable partner in the pursuit of justice.

How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Cartiva Lawsuit?

The victims should be aware of the possibility of filing a Cartiva implant lawsuit. Due to this, the following tips can be useful.

  • The patients are treated with a toe implant within their big toe.
  • The implant was unable to perform as it should after the surgical procedure.
  • The victims needed to pay more for medical treatment and corrective procedures due to the malfunctioning implant.
  • The victim was in good health and did not suffer from any serious medical issues such as heart or cancer at this time.

If a victim is able to meet the above criteria, then they’re eligible to sue the business and seek fair compensation for them as well.

What are the main issues of Cartiva implant?

The Cartiva’s purpose is to replicate the support provided by the big toe for patients. It is useful to patients suffering from osteoarthritis if their toe’s big joint suffers a serious injury. An insufficiently fitted toe implant or a defective implant could result in subsequent health issues.

  1. Chronic pain had to deal with constant pain that was unbearable and slowed their normal movement. The pain prevented the patients from walking with ease and placed pressure on their feet. Because of this, the patients with cartilage implants had a severe lack of mobility, which aggravated their condition overall.
  2. Implant Failure: Many patients did not experience the correct performance from the device. The results could have been more satisfactory in any way. Patients were unhappy due to the failure of the implant. This also caused an increase in the size of the toes and severe pain.
  3. Swelling and Inflammation: A few complaints also reveal that sufferers experienced significant swelling and inflammation in the toe. This caused discomfort and made it difficult for them to perform their movements and locomotion at the exact same time.
  4. Limitation in Range of Motion A poor functioning Cartiva implant led to restricted mobility, which impacted their daily life. Because of this, they were required to stay in bed for long periods, suffering from mental and physical stress on a regular basis.
  5. Revision Surgery deficient Cartiva implant required them to undergo corrective revision surgery. This did not only add to their suffering but also increased their medical costs. This meant that they were forced to exceed their budget to cover the costs of surgery as well.
  6. Foreign body reaction implants do not just cause discomfort but also affect sensitive areas. Patients suffered through the reactions of foreign bodies, which caused pain and delayed their recovery.
  7. A risk of infection: malfunctioning Cartiva implant made patients susceptible to disease. Patients were required to undergo corrective medical treatment frequently due to a substandard implant placed in the toe joint.
  8. Limited Long-Term Information: There is no evidence of long-term results regarding this Cartiva toe implant, which shows its effectiveness for orthopaedic health and the well-being of patients. Because of this, inaccurate assumptions about its effectiveness and outcomes are common.

Conclusion: Taking a Stand for Your Pain

If you’ve received a Cartiva implant and now suffer ongoing pain, limited mobility, or even the need for corrective surgery, you’re not alone. Countless individuals like you have endured the physical and emotional toll of a potentially defective device. This isn’t just about the inconvenience of a bad surgery; it’s about reclaiming your life and holding accountable those who may have profited from your suffering.

The legal landscape surrounding Cartiva implants is constantly evolving, but one thing remains certain: you have options. If you suspect your implant has failed and caused you harm, you deserve to explore legal recourse.

At The Justice Now, we believe you shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of a faulty implant alone. We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation to anyone who has received a Cartiva implant and experienced severe complications. Our experienced team will listen to your story, assess your situation, and provide you with clear-cut options for moving forward.

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Remember, you’re not just facing a legal battle; you’re taking a stand for your health, your well-being, and your future. We’re here to stand beside you every step of the way.

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