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What Kind of Zantac Lawsuit Compensation Can I Get If I File one?

What Kind of Zantac Lawsuit Compensation Can I Get If I File one? - Your settlement due to filing a Zantac lawsuit will be contingent on several things. A lawyer must assess the extent and extent of injuries sustained by you, the nature of the suit filed, and the damages you suffered. It is also necessary to prove that you used Zantac in the first place and Zantac caused harm to you.


It can be difficult to calculate compensation when you are involved in the course of a Zantac lawsuit. Fortunately, an experienced Zantac experts can assist you to begin the process- risk-free. For a consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts. Join the Free Zantac case evaluation here.

Calculating Damages for Compensation in a Zantac Lawsuit

To understand the type of settlement you could receive in the event of a Zantac lawsuit, it is important to know how damages are calculated. “Damages” are losses you suffered due to the negligence of someone else’s. The party at fault (also called the defendant) will pay the cost to the person injured during a lawsuit.

If a lawsuit involves using a medication such as Zantac, the party at fault usually is a business that manufactures the drug.

There are two major kinds of damage ( Georgia Code SS 51-12-2):

  1. Particular damages which you need to be able to prove to claim the amount of compensation
  2. General damage that you can claim without the need to prove a certain amount

A lawyer will look into the extent of your losses before beginning a Zantac lawsuit. You could receive compensation as a settlement or a judgment in court. In either case, the defendant will pay your expenses in compensation.

Here are the most frequent types of settlements you can receive in a Zantac lawsuit.

Past and Future Medical Care

If a medicine harms you, then you could face medical expenses. There is compensation available for:

  • Medical bills
  • Costs associated with cancer treatment
  • Prescription medication
  • The future medical costs you incur due to Zantac problems.

When you calculate the amount of compensation you’re entitled to, Your lawyer will establish the future needs of your treatment. The award or settlement will have to take into account future expenses.

Current, past and future medical expenses are considered special damage. You’ll need to show evidence of these expenses. For instance, if you became cancerous after taking Zantac, You’ll have to prove your diagnosis and medical documents.

Your Zantac lawyer will likely hold off until you’ve got a clear picture of the total medical expenses. If not, you can take a settlement too quickly and then pay additional expenses out of pocket.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

If you’ve been forced to miss work due to your Zantac injury, you may be able to claim the lost earnings. For example, perhaps you had to leave work due to cancer treatment. If you claim that Zantac was the cause of your cancer, you can claim compensation for the loss of income.

You may also be eligible for compensation for the money you earned in the near future. Health issues may have stopped you from earning an income when you were healthy. The lost earnings are referred to as “lost earning capacity.”

Similar to medical expenses, loss of wages is also specific damage. You must provide proof of your loss when filing the Zantac lawsuit. A lawyer can assist in compiling pay stubs from the past along with other evidence of the loss of wages.

Pain and Suffering in a Zantac Lawsuit

The cost of medical care and wages lost is easy to estimate. But the damages for pain and suffering are more difficult to calculate.

Damages for pain and suffering may be:

  • Physical suffering and pain
  • Suffering and mental pain
  • Traumas in the emotional
  • A loss of enjoyment in life
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Mental anguish

The damages for pain and suffering are a significant factor in a Zantac lawsuit. You’ll have to consider the amount of settlement you’re entitled to. Hiring an expert lawyer to assist you in accounting for these losses is recommended.

Wrongful Death Damages in a Zantac Lawsuit

If your loved one died due to cancer following taking Zantac, it could be a wrongful death. Certain family members may bring a lawsuit on behalf of the person who has passed away.

Speak to a Zantac lawyer regarding filing a wrongful-death lawsuit. It is possible to receive compensation for losses such as:

  • The pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of companionship or loss of consortium
  • Funeral and burial cost

Zantac/Ranitidine Cancer Lawsuits

Since the beginning of 2020, many individuals have been looking at the possibility of filing Zantac claims for cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanded the eradication all Zantac/ranitidine drugs from the U.S. market in April 2020. (Ranitidine is also the general name used for Zantac items.)

The withdrawal happened after an investigation into the contaminant N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). NDMA could cause cancer in people, particularly at the highest levels over time.

The FDA found:

  • There was a high level of NDMA in the Zantac/ranitidine product.
  • NDMA will increase dramatically as time passes when stored at temperatures higher.
  • The more old a product of ranitidine is, the greater the levels of NDMA it may have.
  • In many instances, a product containing ranitidine may have higher levels of NDMA than what is acceptable according to FDA guidelines.

The FDA released their announcement with letters addressed to all manufacturers of ranitidine. It demanded the removal of ranitidine from the sale. The FDA advised those who use Zantac/ranitidine over-the-counter products to stop using them and not purchase them again.

Patients taking prescription drugs such as ranitidine must talk with their doctor about stopping the medication. Doctors can switch patients to other medications that do not carry the same NDMA dangers.

Filing a Zantac Lawsuit for Compensation

If you were diagnosed with cancer following taking Zantac and you have cancer, you could be legally entitled to compensation. Speak to a Zantac lawyer regarding the legal options available to you. You may be able to join a class action lawsuit or start a lawsuit for product liability.

Your lawyer will analyze the situation and help you determine the best method of proceeding. The aim is to obtain your compensation to cover your losses.

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