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She Was Diagnosed with Cancer at 28 After Using Hair Relaxers

Jenny Mitchell, 32, is suing L’Oréal and other companies, alleging their chemical hair-straightening products caused her uterine cancer. (WMAQ)

For decades, hair relaxers have been pushed by the cosmetics assiduity as a safe way to unbend naturally curled or crimped hair. Still, rising exploration indicates using chemical straighteners to “ relax ” hair is linked to a heightened threat of developing uterine cancer and other serious ails. Women are over-represented among impacted individualities, especially women of colour.

Jenny Mitchell was the first to step forward by filing an action against L’Oréal, the largest cosmetics company in the world, as well as other prominent defendants. She was diagnosed with cancer at 28 years old and argues that her illness was caused by using hair relaxers since she was a child.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with The Justice Now to record a free, no- obligation discussion with an Expert, If you believe you’re also suffering negative health consequences as a result of using dangerous hair relaxers. Read on to learn about hair relaxer suits and the road toward compensation.

What happened to Jenny Mitchell?

At just 28 years old, Jenny Mitchell was stunned when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, suffering a full hysterectomy( a surgical procedure to remove the uterus). After times of using hair relaxers to unbend her hair, Jenny’s “ dreams of getting a mama were gone, ” she explained.

Tragically, Jenny explained that she has used chemical hair straighteners since she was in the third grade. At 32 years old, she filed an action to hold L’Oréal and other prominent manufacturers and distributors responsible, as well as to encourage women to stop using their dangerous products. She was the first person to do so. numerous further have since taken her lead.

Why Are Hair Relaxers Dangerous?

According to a recent study by the National Institutes of Health( NIH), individuals who use hair straighteners four times per time or further are twice as likely to develop uterine cancer than those who don’t use these products at all. The study included over,000 women aged 35- 74, roughly 60 percent of whom tone- linked as black.

Another recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute( JNCI) explains that straighteners and other chemical hair products can be cancerous because they frequently contain endocrine- dismembering chemicals( EDCs), similar as phthalates and parabens, as well as other dangerous substances, including formaldehyde. In addition to uterine cancer, these products have also been linked to other affections, including bone and ovarian cancer.

Can I train a Products Liability Lawsuit After Being Injured by Hair Relaxers?

Absolutely, and you shouldn’t hesitate to consult with The Justice Now Expert. Product liability action can be extremely complex. This is especially true in cases involving ails that develop over time, occasionally known as “ latent ” ails. The governing law will vary from state to state, as well as at the civil position, and the process of gathering substantiation and erecting a strong claim can take numerous months.

That said, don’t be discouraged. Though the trip toward compensation may be complex and time- consuming, you may nevertheless be entitled to significant compensation. The legal platoon at The Justice Now has been helping injury victims fight for full and fair compensation since 2006. Over the times, we’ve developed the experience and coffers necessary to handle indeed the most complex products liability cases.

Consult With Our Lawsuit Experts Today

Don’t hesitate to consult with The Justice Now Expert as soon as possible, If you believe you have developed cancer or another illness as a result of using hair relaxers. Only in recent times have manufacturers and distributors of these dangerous products begun to face legal responsibility and justice. still, injured complainants have a limited amount of time to file an action seeking compensation.

The Justice Now is ready to help you fight for the full and fair compensation you earn. communicate us a moment to schedule a free, no- obligation discussion with an educated products liability counsel in USA. We’re there to help.

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